MILI Powerbank miLi Power miracle lll Qualcomm 3.0 10000mah Quick charge

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  • 350 gram
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  • 5000 to 9999 mAh
MiLi Miracle III 10000mAh QC3.0
With battery life still struggling to accommodate the needs of heaviest smartphone users, reducing charging times is the next best thing.Qualcomms Quick Charge technology aims to do just that. MiLi QC3.0 Power Miracle III 10000mAh Design with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Fast Charge. High charging efficiency. 2-way fast charging 3.0 input and output. Built-in 10,000mAh high-capacity lithium polymer battery. Dual power outlets allow you to charge 2 portable devices simultaneously and 35 minutes, charge compatible phones to 80% ,4 times faster than conventional chargers.
Compatible With Qualcomm
QC 1.0/2.0/3.0 - Enabled Phones
General Mobile Phone GSM
Polymer Battery
Charge two devices simutaenously
2-way fast charging 3.0 input and output
Universal compatibility
Aircraft aluminum case
Unbeatable charging speed